Who are Caleo?

In April 2012, our founders, Garth Wellman and Nicholas Liebmann left their corporate jobs within the banking industry to start Caleo Capital South Africa. Right at the outset, they focused on building and partnering with entrepreneurs and industry experts that offered something special and unique. This group of companies and individuals grew over time and is now referred to as the Caleo Collective.

Our Primary Purpose

The Collective have assisted families with relocation worldwide to create new lives, new businesses and strong relationships with exceptional individuals globally. The global Multi-Family Office offering has evolved to become unique and well-placed for the disruptive world we live in.

Caleo Capital North America LLC (“Caleo Capital USA”) was established to provide integrated wealth advisory and asset management services to high-net-worth clients with a primary focus on South African families that have relocated to the USA. 

Caleo Capital USA’s services and products are very similar to Caleo Capital South Africa but modified or adapted to comply with USA regulations to ensure compliance.

Many South African families that have relocated to the USA still have tax compliance obligations in South Africa whilst also being taxed in the USA as a resident. This can be complex and requires specialist advisory with a knowledge of the double tax treaties and tax obligations in both countries. These families need an advisory service that meets the regulatory requirements in South Africa and the USA and a wealth advisory and asset management service that can accommodate the management of global portfolios with assets in two primary jurisdictions.

Additional information about Caleo and our investment advisor representative is available on the SEC’s website.

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