The Planning

The Planning

  • Needs analysis
  • Preparation of Global Asset Map
  • Recommendations on Steps and Sequencing
The Moving

The Moving

  • Externalisation of Funds and Assets
  • Wind down of SA Portfolio
  • Tax Planning
The Settling

The Settling

  • Wealth Advisory and Asset Management of Client Funds in the USA

The Process of Wealth Migration


Sheldon Halcrow is a SA expat & President of Caleo Capital USA ( offices in New Jersey & Florida )

The company assists South African HNW families with wealth advisory and asset management which together with consulting services ensures a smooth landing in the USA.

We guide those intent on coming to the US through 3 critical steps:-

  • Needs analysisMany people have their hearts set on the US without fully appreciating that it's a country of 50 independently governed states, each with its own unique economy and culture. If you're employed, you generally move to the area where your employer is based. If not, you will need to carefully consider options and select a state which provides business and investment opportunities suited to your background, skillset and preferences. This is in addition to offering the lifestyle you want for yourself and your family.

  • Global asset map. We convert a schedule of your assets into a visual global asset map that shows asset allocation, holding structures, currency allocation and global geographic dispersion. This creates a shared understanding and point of departure for planning, and it also highlights areas of concern that would require attention and consideration in planning for the move. The global Map is then used to develop a roadmap for wealth migration to ensure cost and tax minimisation. The map also enables us to collaborate closely with our South African partners on matters like taxation and treatment of compulsory funds.

  • Sequencing document. Because your transition to the US may need to happen in phases over an extended period, scheduling and synchronising each step is critical. A sequencing document, along with regular reviews, ensures that when you land, the bulk of the foundational work has already been done, and clients can arrive with bank accounts, investment portfolios that are suited to the US regulatory and tax regime.

Caleo Capital has established relationships with reputable partners who assist with a range of challenges facing newly immigrated clients.

  • Obtaining a Credit Score
  • Buying / Renting Property
  • Insurance
  • Opening a Bank account
  • Health Insurance
  • Risk Management

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